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Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink! This situation arises during a water damage crisis. Such a situation fetches anxiety and panic.

We at GMEK Restoration understand the pain and potential loss a water damage situation can cause. We provide 24×7 emergency services all year round and are known for professional restoration in case of Water Damage or a Flood Damage. We are IICRC Certified and a reputed brand as Water Damage Restoration Port St Lucie and nearby areas.

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Water Damage Restoration Port St Luice

Water Damage Restoration

Hire GMEK water damage restoration in Port St. Lucie, FL. To clean and restore your property to its original state.

Air Duct Cleaning Port St. Lucie

Air Duct Cleaning

Enjoy clean and fresh IAQ with our premium quality professional air vent cleaning in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Tile Cleaning Port St Lucie

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Get sparkling and spotless tile flooring with our eco-friendly tile and grout cleaning services in St. Lucie, FL.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Port St. Lucie

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Protect your homes from accident causes from dirty ducts with our top-notch duct cleaning equipment and unparalleled expertise.

Trusted Water Damage Restoration Port St Lucie, FL

GMEK Restoration is a pioneer in water damage restoration services in Port St. Lucie, FL. GMEK is a licensed, bonded, and certified water restoration company. It holds two decades of experience.

With specialization in water damage restoration services, we guarantee total cleaning satisfaction. We value your investment and take all possible measures to deliver a safe home to you with our restoration services.
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Water-based damage or emergencies create an anxious and panicky environment in commercial and residential areas. Handling restoration by yourself could invite more trouble. We recommend you hire professionals for the same.

How GMEK Restoration Will Help You?



Restoration is a challenging job that requires expertise and knowledge to tackle. So our professionals handle your property with care and implement the safest method to avoid further damage to your property.



With 25 years of on-field experience, we provide tailored damage restoration services. Therefore, feel safe and don’t worry about the damage when you have hired us. We give our 100% to restoring the affected areas.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology:

We provide satisfactory cleaning results utilizing state-of-the-art restoration technology. The latest tools and equipment will surely beautify your property at the end of the restoration process.


What Our Clients Say!

"Just had my dryer vent cleaned out and wow. Couldn’t believe what came out. Very happy with the service and workmanship. I Definitely recommend"

Howard Schweitzer

"Great Air Duct Cleaning company in Port St Lucie, FL. Had an incredible experience with them, and they really care about their clients! Thanks for everything."

Stefany Taylor

“Howard was awesome to deal with. He explained to me exactly what they were going to do. They showed up on time and got that done. Thanks!”

Justin Plante

Our Process On Expert Water Damage Restoration

Step (1)


Our expert assesses the situation and source of damage. It helps implement the best cleaning method and formulate an effective action plan.

Step (2)

Removal Of Water

At this stage, we use a powerful pump and machine to pull out all the water from your home or office.

Step (3)

Dehumidification Process

After the water removal process, we tackle the excess moisture in your property. We employ a drying process to hinder mold formation.

Step (4)


At this stage, we deep clean your entire home and make sure that your furniture and walls get sanitized.

Step (5)


It is the final step, including minor repairs such as adding new carpet and a small reconstruction process to recover the look of your property.

Improves Air Quality
Water Damage Restoration

We’re The Only One, Here’s Why!

A few of our unique properties make us the best water damage restoration company.

We are a certified, insured, licensed cleaning and restoration company!

Well-trained and experienced professionals to perform the cleaning tasks

Provide guaranteed and 100% satisfactory results

Courteous and helpful customer service

We use industry-standard tools and equipment!

High-quality service at competitive rates

Provide 24x7 emergency services

Are you facing a Water Damage? Our Professionals are just a call away!

GMEK is a company that gives damage restoration services in Florida. With innovative techniques and years of experience, we ensure to deliver premier service in Port St Lucie.

We recommend you have the restoration part done by professionals to avoid further damage. Our pricing is comparatively better, and we have a team of experienced people. We first ensure to care with the dehumidification part and extract water. The impact of damage becomes minimal, and you can focus on getting back to normal.

If you happen to come across such an emergency, call our team, and we will be there for you in no time!

Water Damage Restoration Service FAQs

What Should I Do Immediately, If My Home Is Flooded?

Without wasting time, directly contact the water damage restoration company. It is significant to remove water from your property quickly to hinder further damage.

What Is The Water Damage Remediation Procedure?

It includes removing water and excessive moisture from your property to hamper the growth of mold and mildew. It needs drying and dehumidification tools. Sometimes you need to clean the affected carpet, drywall, furniture, etc.

What Is The Time frame Of The Water Cleanup Process?

The time frame is based on the extent of damage occurring on your property. It involves two steps. The first step is mitigation, such as extracting excess water, drying, and cleaning processes. The second part involves repairing damage caused by the water.

How Much Does Water Remediation Cost?

The cost of water mitigation is determined by the size of the impacted area, time, as well as equipment needed to accomplish the procedure. It generally varies from job to job.