Basement Flood Cleanup Tips By GMEK Restoration Experts

October 30, 2021
Basement Flood Cleanup Port St Lucie FL

Basement flooding can be a serious problem and can occur anytime naturally or artificially. Many sources like broken pipes, leaking appliances and clogged drainage can cause major damage in any house. It’s obvious you need to deal with it immediately.

If the water is increasing slowly you need to hire experts who can recover your things accurately and clear water from your house. Full basement flood cleanup is required to recover from that hazard here are some major tips you need to follow.

Top Tips On Basement Flood Cleanup

There are certain steps you need to follow for cleaning up your basement.

  • Try to remove items affected by flood water, such as carpet furniture to avoid fungus and rotting items.
  • Immediately cut off the electrical supplies from the main circuit. To avoid electrical breakdown, and be alert for underwater wires.
  • Leakage or bursting of pipes can also be the cause of the flood, you need to stop the main water supply at once.
  • Try to dry the room with sump pumps and a wet dry vacuum.
  • Calling an insurance company can be of great help. Click some photos of all the damaged items to get an insurance claim.
  • Make some necessary repairs such as sealing windows and vents, replacing damaged walls and try to remove all types of fungus.

How To Prevent Basement Flooding?

Preventive measures should be taken to maintain a perfect home without water breakdowns.

  • You can install several things like an emergency generator, sump pump or can porous pavements.
  • Try to seal the cracks into the walls floors and windows.
  • Take steps to waterproof the basement to avoid future breakdowns.

It’s the best sign to have water damage restoration, experts who have real experience in preventing basement flooding. We at GMEK Restoration provide supreme services for basement flood cleanup and are one of the top companies around Port St. Lucie.