Can You Use A Leaf Blower To Clean Dryer Vent?

May 17, 2021
Can You Use A Leaf Blower To Clean Dryer Vent

Before we discuss how to clean the dryer vent with a leaf blower, let us understand what it is first. A leaf blower is a powerful machine that throws air out to move debris such as fallen leaves and grass cuttings. 

Because of its ability to throw strong air to move debris, many people use the leaf blower to clean lint from the dryer vent. However, some people still aren’t sure if it can clean the dryer vent effectively.

Hence, the question “can you use a leaf blower to clean the dryer vent” is a well-searched topic. The answer is no. A leaf blower is not the right machine to clean off all the lint from the dryer vent.  

Why Can’t You Use A Leaf Blower To Clean A Dryer Vent?

To use a leaf blower to clean a dryer vent, insert the nozzle of the machine into the air vent of the dryer vent. And to stop air from leaking, wrap the area of joining with a towel. Now, start the machine to push all the lint out of the dryer lint.

But here is why this doesn’t work well.     

Why Does This Method of Dryer Vent Cleaning Don’t Work?

To clean the dryer vent, the machine needs to have extra abilities such as: 

⇒ Not Powerful Enough: The leaf blower is not strong enough to push all the lint completely out of the exit vent. Most of the lint gets stuck near the end of the line and causes more complication in the working of the dryer vent in the future. 

⇒ Throws Air In One Direction: The dryer vent line is not a straight path. Whereas the leaf blower throws air in just one direction. So, it cannot remove debris stuck on the sides of turns and twists present in the dryer vent line.  

⇒ The Dryer Vent Line Length is Too Big: For a leaf blower to work effectively, the length of the dryer vent line should be small. However, that is not the case in most houses. Hence, they can’t remove all the debris present inside the dryer vent line.  

Want An Effective Solution? Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services!

Since you need to clean the dryer vent often, you need an effective solution to the problem. Dryer vent cleaning services are the optimum solution for this problem. Expert cleaners use different techniques to remove all the lint from the dryer vent.

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