Difference Between Duct And Vent Cleaning

July 6, 2021
Difference Between Duct And Vent Cleaning

Many people don’t understand the difference between duct and vent cleaning. This problem has stemmed from the assumption that one has to hire different professionals to clean air ducts and air vents. But it is completely untrue.

A good local air duct cleaning service will entail cleaning of air ducts, the area surrounding the ducts, change of filters, and cleaning of vents in the service description. Read below to know in detail about it.

How Duct And Vent Cleaning Are Done?

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♦ Step 1: Inspection of The Ducts

Inspection of the ducts is important because it helps you to understand the amount of build-up that is present inside the ducts. Besides that, it also gives an opportunity to professional air duct cleaners to assess your air ducts for any leakages, mold, or pest problems.

♦ Step 2: Fabricate A Negative Pressure

For air duct cleaning, professionals use big, movable vacuum cleaners that can easily suction out dust and gunk from the air ducts. However, before doing so, professionals have to fabricate a negative pressure that will allow all the debris to follow towards the vacuum machine easily.

♦ Step 3: Unsettle The Dust Inside The Duct

Once the duct is under negative pressure, the air duct cleaner will remove one air vent at a time and clean the duct from there. By removal of all the debris, mold, germs, pests, you are bound to enjoy the benefits of routine air duct cleaning. A good air duct cleaner would make sure that your ducts are thoroughly cleaned.

♦ Step 4: Clean Around The Ducts

Air ducts are connected to the HVAC systems, and, henceforth, the air duct cleaner should clean around them. Apart from this, they should also check the air duct filters and see if it needs replacing. Lastly, the air duct cleaners should clean the air vents as they are the source that allows the movement of air inside the house.

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