Top FAQ’s For Water Damage Repair Company

December 16, 2021
Water damage repair company

Water Damage Restoration can help to return your home to the same way as it was before the damage happened. It’s normal to panic in these situations, but you need to act quickly to restore to its livable condition.

The longer you wait, the house will suffer more extensive damage. Hire a water damage repair company for better and faster results. GMEK Restoration takes care of all things and washes off all bacteria and mold particles which can cause respiratory illness and other problems. Here are some FAQs answered by our restoration experts for clear understanding.

Q-1 What Is The Water Damage Remediation Process?

Whatever damage is caused by water is needed to be fixed. It requires a 5 step process inspection and assessment of surroundings, water removal, drying, and dehumidification, sanitizing, for the complete water damage repair.

We need to extract water from all affected places. After removing water use dehumidifiers to dry up residual water and moisture. We may also remove affected drywall, repair your flooring, deep clean your carpet, and furniture, or any mold that we may discover.

Q-2 How Does Water Damage A Home?

Water causes wood to swell, warp, and practically rot. It also ruins materials made from fabric such as carpet and furniture that are soaked for a couple of days. Water can also cause an electrical hazard which can be very dangerous.

It can completely short out electric systems or can create shocks & fire or can easily damage your electronics and after removing the water moisture still remains for several days if perfect steps are not taken.

Q-3 Should I Call Insurance Advisors For Help?

If your home is flooded with a natural calamity, then Insurance advisors prefer you to call a water damage repair company before them. As professionals like us have different tools available, to properly perform the restoration process.

We will work easily with the insurance company’s adjuster and also help to work with insurance companies to make a claim.

Q-4 How To Prevent Further Damage?

There are several cautionary measures you can apply to prevent severe damage

  • Try applying coatings and sealants to walls, windows, and your foundation.
  • Make your electric outlets to be one to two feet above flood water level to prevent electric hazards.
  • Install valves and pipes to prevent water damage from the sewage system.
  • Regulate timely inspection to catch plumbing problems before they can cause high damage.
  • Call your insurance company, they will probably issue you a claim and recommend you to call some professionals such as GMEK Restoration.

Q-5 Is Your Water Cleanup Company Certified?

Yes, we at GMEK Restoration provide full transparency to clients and officials. IICRC monitors all water damage repair companies closely on how they perform their assigned tasks and take necessary notes for the future.

You can trust us as our trained professionals follow all standard rules and guidelines provided by IICRC and apply them in every cleaning process or inspection. Our professionals are highly qualified for this job and have over-par knowledge of all problems.

Therefore, choose GMEK Restoration for water damage repair in your area. We provide the best services around Port St Lucie and are available 24/7 to provide support to every household.