How To Clean Air Vents?

May 6, 2021
How To Clean Air Vents

You may be surprised at the amount of dust and lint lurking in the air vents and ducts at your home. In fact, cleaning air vents should be added to your seasonal cleaning routine. Also, if you fail on how to clean air vents at home, hire the best professional service. As the dirt and lint formation in these air vents can cause fire hazards. Know here the step-by-step process of air vent cleaning.

Step-by-Step Process of How To Clean Air Vents

Things Required:

1. Bristle scrub brush
2. Dish Soap
3. Rubber Gloves
4. Screw Driver
5. Vacuum Cleaner


Step 1: Turn off power to your furnace and air-conditioner.

Step 2: Most air duct vents are tightened using screws. Pull up floor registers and remove return air vents.

Step 3: Lay all of your vents in the bathtub and fill the tub with warm, add dish soap. Allow your vents to soak in the soapy water for 10-15 minutes. Use a bristle scrub brush to remove any remaining grime from your vents. Rinse it after that.

Step 4: Use the vacuum along the vent walls and in all nooks and crannies that you can reach. Remember, a heavy-duty vacuum will be much better at sucking up the dust and dirt than your regular home vacuum would be.

Step 5: Put all of your vents back where they belong. If they’re still a little wet, that’s okay because they will air dry.

Step 6: Turn on power to your air conditioners and furnaces, and we’re done!

Call Top Professionals For Deep-Cleaning Your Air Vents!

Of course, you won’t be able to deep clean your ducts as thoroughly as a pro. And hence, once in a while, you will need a professional to do that for you.

So, when the need is, contact GMEK Restoration. We specialize in cleaning air ducts and dryer vents, as well as provide maintenance services for heating and air conditioning systems.