How To Clean Cold Air Return Vents

June 2, 2021
How To Clean Cold Air Return Vents

The air ducts or return vents bring in cold air inside your house from the HVAC system. As time goes on, these return vents become dirty due to the accumulation of debris and gunk.

You can’t live with a dirty air vent because all that dirt is going to make your home dirty and worsen your health. So, how to clean cold air return vents? Let’s find out here.

Simple Steps To Clean Dirty Return Air Vent

Step 1: Prepare All The Material Required For The Cleaning Process

To begin the cleaning process, you need to prepare all the material required. Gather all the tools, equipment, cleaning solution, towels. Plus, you would need a flat head screwdriver and a small stool to reach the air vents. Further, switch off your home’s thermostat before you start the cleaning process.

Step 2: Remove The Vent Cover And Clean Them

Vents that are on the floors are easy to remove. However, for the ones on the wall, you need to put in some effort to remove them. Also, do not let dust come onto yourself so vacuum the vent cover before removing it. Wash the vent cover in warm soapy water and scrub it, if needed. Place it on a clean surface to dry.

Step 3: Clean The Insides of Your Duct

To clean the insides of your duct, first, use a dryer vent brush and rotate it to clean the insides. Do it gently, you don’t want to damage your ducts. Remove the brush, and now use a vacuum machine with a flexible hose attachment. First, clean the mess you have removed, then insert it inside the duct. Clean the ducts gently.

Step 4: Extract Out All The Debris From Inside

Use a wet microfiber cloth to clean the insides of the duct as far as you can reach. Clean the rag a few times and reuse it to clean the insides of the duct. You will encounter lots of dust even after cleaning the duct from a vacuum machine. Do not wet the area behind the vent cover or you will increase the mold problem.

Step 5: Finish The Cleaning Process

Clean all the areas around the duct properly. Lastly, screw the vent cover back on the wall or floor. Restart the thermostat and run it for at least 30 minutes. This will clear out any dust in your home and it will also dry the areas that you just cleaned. After 30 minutes, change the air filter to remove all the excess dust.

Why Contact a Professional Air Vent Cleaner?

Although you can do everything, it is still hard to clean the ducts completely on your own. It is better to hire a local air vent cleaning service to clean cold air return vents. They can extract out all the debris and mold present in the vent and make the air circulated in your home cleaner and fresher.

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