How To Fix A Leaking Wall From Rain Water?

October 8, 2021
How To Fix A Leaking Wall From Rain Water?

The harsh monsoons can adversely affect the walls of your home. When there is heavy rain, the water leaks into the house from the exteriors and causes damp patches. The leakage can cause peeling off the paint on your walls.

This moisture can even trigger a mold infestation and make your home feel cold. So, the first step on how to fix a leaking wall from rain water is to locate the source. Knowing if the reason is a leaking water tank or a broken pipe. According to that, you need to make the necessary rectifications.

Best Tips To Fix A Leaking Wall From Rain Water

1) Check For Cracked Walls

Time takes a toll on everyone, even the walls of your home. Initially, cracks develop near the doors and windows frames. As a result of this, rainwater gets into the structure of your building and causes damp patches.

Thus, when you start to observe notable signs of water damage in walls, remove the loose plaster and fill the gaps with crack fill putty.

2) Waterproof The External Walls And Roof

Waterproofing your walls and roofs is the solution to your question on how to fix a leaking wall from rain water. As exterior paints used on buildings are usually permeable, allowing water to seep in. To prevent this, your exterior walls need to be waterproofed. This coat will create a barrier preventing rainwater from dampening your inner walls.

3) Install A Damp Proof Course Or Pressure Grouting

A damp-proof course is an impermeable material that is constructed into the brick wall about 150mm above ground level. This prevents groundwater from rising through the walls of your house.

If you have a damp-proof course in place and still see wet patches in your home, then you might have to change it. In this process, a mixture of cement and sand is applied with a jet into cracks, to make it waterproof.

However, taking on this job without the right skills and tools can permanently damage the walls. Therefore, it’s better to hire a professional.

How Do I Avoid Rain Water Leakage From Walls?

When you invest in good quality paint and have an effective drainage system in your home, you can avoid rain water leakage from your walls. You should also regularly fill up the cracks and add an exhaust fan to your home for proper ventilation. Besides this, to further protect your home, schedule our regular water damage restoration services.

Still, wondering how to fix a leaking wall from rain water? Then, hire our residential water damage cleanup service. We at GMEK Restoration are a top-rated service provider that exclusively uses eco-friendly products. We are an IICRC certified company well-equipped to handle all your water damage-related problems.