Is Steam Cleaning Safe For Tile And Grout?

August 27, 2021
Is Steam Cleaning Safe For Tile And Grout

Tile flooring is a beautiful addition to your home. So, keeping the tile and grout clean is an important aspect of your home maintenance. Tile floors not only offer an aesthetic value to your property but also provide a fresh atmosphere.

Over time, tiles tend to become dusty and dark due to a lack of proper maintenance. The grout lines also attract dirt, grime, and stains. Thus it reduces the overall appearance of your home interior.

Therefore, to restore the luster of your tile floors, you may use different cleaning products and detergents. However, they are harmful to your tile and grout. Sometimes, it also further damages tile and grout lines.

Hence, if you are looking for a safe and effective cleaning option, then steam cleaner is a great choice.

But, is steam cleaning safe for tile and grout? The answer is yes. Because tile flooring is porous. It easily absorbs moisture and is susceptible to mold formation. Thus, steam can deeply penetrate the grout and pull out all the dirt and stains from your tile flooring. Learn the steam cleaning process below.

Step-by-Step Process To Steam Clean Tile Grout

1) Clean Tile And Grout With Vacuum

Before the steam cleaning process, you begin with a thorough cleaning by vacuuming. It removes all dirt, grime, and other junk that hinders the process of steam cleaning. Excessive filth and dust can clog the brush on the steam cleaner. Thus, it is necessary to damp the tile floor to smoothen the steam cleaning.

2) Choose A Proper Steam Cleaner

Fill the steam cleaner with the water, then turn it on and set it to steam as per the manufacturers’ instructions. As directed, connect the hose to the steam cleaners. You can also select the brush that is appropriate to the size of your tile and grout. The professionals use the best steam cleaners for tile and grout to get rid of mold out of grout lines.

3) Start Steaming And Scrubbing

Turn on the steam cleaner for the tile for the cleaning process. Scrub the grout with powerful back and forth strokes to deep clean tough stains and grime from your tile floor. Work on the small part to deep clean tile and grout. It is the most effective process, as it does not leave any moisture behind.

4) Rinse And Repeat As Needed

After finishing the steam cleaning process, it is advisable to clean dirty water before it settles down on your tile floor. It is vital to clean dirty water on the grout. The next step is to charge the steamer and heat it as necessary for keeping the same process to the end of the work. Then, finish by scrubbing the entire surface finally.

Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

Steam cleaning harms the grout when you add chemical solutions in the hot water for cleaning it. Else, it is safe. Hope now you are clear about “Is steam cleaning safe for tile and grout?” So, steam cleaning is a safe, non-toxic way to eliminate all the germs contaminates from your tile and grout.

Therefore, hire professional tile and grout cleaning services from GMEK Restoration in Port St Lucie. FL. We use a hot water extraction and steam cleaning method to remove all the mold and germs living inside your grout. We deliver high-quality services and improve the appearance of your home or business interior.