Notable Signs Of Water Damage in Walls

June 22, 2021
Notable Signs Of Water Damage in Walls

Why do I hear dripping in my wall? Could it be that there is some leakage in the plumbing? Whatever causes this, harms your walls, causing them to grow mold and lose their strength, which can endanger your life.

Therefore it is important to know signs of water damage in walls.

What Happens When Water Gets In Your Walls?

♦ Softened Drywall

The one sign that most people miss out on is the softened drywall. This occurs when the unseen side of the drywall is waterlogged. However, there are no physical changes in the appearance of the drywall.

To know the damage to the drywall, press on it if you think they might have suffered due to water damage. So, if the drywall softens when you touch it, it confirms your suspicions.

This wall water damage type mostly has mold growing on the inside. So, while handling it, be careful, wear safety gloves, face masks, and eye goggles to protect you from mold spores.

♦ Bubbling or Cracked Paint

This is one of the most common signs of water damage in walls. This occurs when water gets accumulated behind the paint and forms a bubble, thus broadening the paint on the surface.

You can pop the small bubbles, as long as you clean up after doing so. However, when it comes to bigger bubbles, it’s a gamble whether to pop it or not. There may be an underlying threat present there, so you need to be prepared for that.

In case of larger water bubbles, it is best to hire residential water damage clean-up services. Professionals have the tools and knowledge to efficiently handle the problem without causing much damage to the wall.

♦ Discoloration

If there is one sign of water damage in walls you want to look out for, then it is discoloration of walls. These are the easiest signs to notice. All you need to do is look at the water stains running down from the ceilings to the wall.

Most times discoloration of the wall is the second symptom of softened drywall. So, when you are checking out the water stains, also touch the drywall and see if it buckles under your hand’s pressure.

You never know the extent of water damage and that is why you shouldn’t try to clean up the water damage yourself. Instead, call a professional water damage restoration company to look into the matter.

Saw Signs Of Water Damage in Walls? Hire A Professional ASAP!

If you see any signs of water damage on your walls or any part of your home, contact GMEK Restoration in Port St Lucie. Our professional water damage specialists will take care of water-damaged parts and provide you with a strong and safe home.