Signs That Show You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts

March 17, 2021
Signs That Show You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts

Your air ductwork is a significant piece of your property’s HVAC system. They consist of tubes that disperse cool or warm air through all the rooms on your property. These ducts also discard air from the house to the outside. So, anytime there is a problem with the air ducts, the whole airway passage gets blocked.

Nonetheless, your ducts need extra attention to ensure they stay clean. Hence, allowing them to run smoothly with no decrease in their efficiency. While the EPA recommends getting your air ducts cleaned regularly, it’s hard to tell the time-frame between two consecutive cleanings.

Here are 6 signs that suggest an ideal opportunity to have your air ducts cleaned.

8 Signs That Show You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts

♦ Your Home Smells

The increase in pests and germs in your air ducts makes your home smell bad. Plus, a high moisture environment also gives rise to mold growth inside the air ducts. This also causes your home to smell foul.

♦ Increase in Energy Bills

The function of air ducts is to carry air throughout the property. But if they are not functioning properly, it will put more strain on the HVAC system. Consequently, the cost of electricity will increase.

♦ Weak Air Flow At Office

The reason for the weak airflow at the office could be a problem with the HVAC system or air ducts. Hire commercial air duct cleaning services to remove all the debris stuck inside the ducts.

♦ Decrease In Efficiency of HVAC Unit

If you feel that your HVAC units are not working up to the mark, then get it checked. If everything is okay with it, then the problem may lay with air ducts. Call air duct cleaners and get them checked out.

♦ Dirt Sticking Out of The Vents

When lots of dust and debris are accumulated inside the air ducts, it sticks out from the vents. If you notice such things, then it is a sure-shot sign that your air ducts need proper cleaning.

Air Ducts Cleaning Services in FL

♦ When Was The Last Time You Cleaned The Air Ducts?

Do you remember the last time you cleaned the air ducts? If it has been a while, then you may as well contact professional air duct cleaning services and ask them to check your air ducts for you.

♦ Clogged-Up Air Filters

Air filters, in, general, have a lifespan of 3 to 4 months. After which, you have to replace them to have better quality air at home. But if you fail to do so, they get clogged-up and decrease the airflow within the house. Call experts asap.

♦ Increase in Health Issues

If you find that the air you’re breathing is dirty, then it may be due to clogged-up air ducts. By getting your air ducts cleaned regularly, you can enjoy many health benefits.

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