What is The Best Way to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors?

May 13, 2021
Way to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

Tile floors are durable and add a decorative setup to your place. Ceramic flooring is very useful in areas that have high foot traffic, moisture, and dirt level. Your ceramic tile flooring will shine until the grout lines between them don’t hold dust. Sometimes the best way to deep clean tile floors is to sprinkle hot water on them that removes all dirt and grime of grout. 

However, professionals use many different methods and modern tools to remove the dirt and stains from your ceramic tiles. Also, you can find good tips on “how to clean ceramic tile floors with vinegar” online. In this blog, you will study the best way to clean ceramic tile floors.

Easy Steps To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

Before starting with the actual cleaning process remove all shoes and move your rugs and furniture to one side. So that while cleaning the floor, these things don’t get in the way.

Supplies and Tools required:

  •       Putty Knife
  •       Liquid dishwashing soap
  •       Vinegar
  •       Vacuum/broom
  •       Mop
  •       Clean cloth/towel


⇒ Step 1:

Get rid of loose dirt, sand, and other debris using a vacuum cleaner.

⇒ Step 2:

If you have any sticky residue on the tiles, use a putty knife to scrape them off

⇒ Step 3:

Mix half a cup of vinegar and a half tablespoon of dish soap in a bucket with hot water.

⇒ Step 4:

Mop the tile floor using a mophead with soapy water.

⇒ Step 5:

Follow up by mopping the floor with plain hot water.

⇒ Step 6:

Dry the floor using a clean cloth or towel. This will prevent water spots and remove even more dirt.  

Wish To Hire Professionals For Cleaning Your Ceramic Flooring?

Hiring Professional tile cleaning services can have various benefits like improving the look of your home, removing bacteria and mold, and extending the lifespan of tiles. GMEK Restoration has years of experience in this field and assures you to bring the original shine on your ceramic tiles back.