Easiest Ways To Remove Colored Grout Stains

July 13, 2021
Easiest Ways To Remove Colored Grout Stains

When it comes to styling and beautiful-looking flooring options, none in the market can be compared to tile and grout flooring. The biggest advantage of tile flooring is that it comes in various ranges of color and design.

However,  dealing with stained grout lines is a reality none of the owners like. So,  we need to find a solution to this problem.  Hence,  here is a blog that provides 5 unique ways to remove colored grout stains.

5 Simple Ways To Remove Colored Grout Stains

⇒ Vinegar

Can you use vinegar on colored grout? Yes, you can. To do so, make a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Apply this mixture directly onto the discolored grout. Let the solution rest for a couple of minutes. Lastly, take a new soft-bristled toothbrush and gently scrub the grouts. Rinse and repeat.

⇒ Baking Soda

The other way to remove colored grout stains is by using a home ingredient, baking soda. This is a good, mild cleaning agent that is known to work great in the removal of stains. So, make a paste of baking soda and water. Dab this on the grout and let it rest. Next, scrub it off using a sponge. Lastly, wipe everything off.

⇒ Hydrogen Peroxide

Take a bowl and pour in some hydrogen peroxide with water to dilute it. Then, apply this solution to the grout lines. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash it off the grout. Now, remember that hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. Hence, do use it carefully.

⇒ Oxygen Bleach

If you want to use something strong to remove colored grout stains, then oxygen bleach is a great option. Get it from a local grocery store, read the package instructions and apply it to the grout lines. This will help you get your grout’s color back without putting in much elbow grease.

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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Service!

If you want the best solution for the removal of discolored grout stains, then hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Professionals deep clean your grouts and also provide great tips to maintain tile and grout at home.

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