What Are The Causes Of Residential Water Damage?

April 13, 2021
What Are The Causes Of Residential Water Damage

One place where we can all relax and be ourselves is our home. The warmth and comfort it provides are unparalleled to any other place on Earth. In that case, how would you react when you see your home half-submerged with water? It is bound to freak you out.  

Residential water damage is common and can happen to anyone. It’s how you recover from it that matters. Here, it’s best to know how to select the right water damage restoration company for your home. That way, you can start the restoration process asap and limit the damage. 

However, the question that everyone has is: what are the causes of residential flooding. Knowing the cause and can help prevent it or help you to hire the right damage restoration service.

Causes Of Residential Water Damage

♦ Natural Occurrence 

If you live in a flood zone area, then dealing with floods is a common occurrence for you. However, that doesn’t mean dealing with them is easy. The damage caused by it severely affects the home lifestyle. 

♦ Damage in Plumbing System

Plumbing systems in older houses are more likely to cause their residents a problem. Yet, even in newer homes, during winters, the pipes freeze and then start licking causing a flood in your home.  

♦ Clogged-Up Sewage Pipelines 

Food, dust, debris, hair, etc can easily clog up your sewage pipelines. To prevent this from happening, use a tap strainer. It stops big and solid items to pass into your sewage. Thus, sewage water stops damage from occurring.  

♦ Toilet Overflow 

Flushing plastics, toilet paper, or anything solid down your toilet can cause it to choke. As a result, it will overflow right into your bedroom. First, avoid flushing solid waste, and second, pour hot water into the drain every month to dissolve any sticky material like grease and oil. 

♦ Issue In The Water Heater

As the water heater gets older, it starts showing signs of trouble. Without proper cleaning and maintenance of it can cause its water storage valve to fail, causing a flood in its wake.    

Professional Damage Restoration Service You Can Rely On! 

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