Why Are My White Tiles Turning Yellow?

July 29, 2021
Why Are My White Tiles Turning Yellow?

When it comes to aesthetic floor-looking options for your home, white marble is the first choice. White marble flooring gives an elegant and stylish appearance to your home. But after some time, your white tiles turning yellow. Therefore you need a way to repair this problem.

But, without proper care and maintenance, these marble tiles start getting dull and turn yellow with time. It shows that it’s time to hire a professional tile cleaner for your floor tile. Hence, learn here the reasons why are my white tiles turning yellow? Know the tips to fix it.

The Reasons Of Yellowing White Tiles And How To Fix Them

♦ Inappropriate Maintenance

Marble is a type of natural stone that easily resists cracking and scratching, so it loses its shine quickly. When the polished surface of marble becomes rough, it easily attracts dirt. Using improper cleaning methods leads to white tile turning yellow. So, to overcome this issue, you can use a mild cleaner like an alkaline water cleaner. Hence you need tile and grout restoration services. It cleans all the dirt without dullness in your white marble tile.

♦ Wax Building Up

White marble floor is coated with various wax, e.g., acrylic, wax, and other materials. Thus, white tile turning yellow due to the poor quality of these coating materials starts getting yellow. So, using a commercial wax stripper for removing a yellowness from the white tile is the right option. It removes all the embedded dirt and recovers the look of white tile.

♦ Iron Oxidation

Most of the time, you use a cleaner having acid, oxidizer, or bleach. These cleaners react with the iron present in the marble and cause the oxidation of iron. It recovers by using the poultice solution and regains the original appearance of your white tile flooring with investment in commercial tile floor restoration services.

♦ Due To The Moisture

White marble tile is polish using a process called marble crystallization. If the moisture content is retained during the process. After some time, it gets yellow. The cure is polishing the white tile from professionals. They are using the right tool for removing moisture content within the tile floor giving a bright look.

♦ Repeated Liquid Spills

White tile marble is exposed to different liquids especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Soap, shampoo, and personal products that contain the dye and chemicals. It causes the white tile floor to become yellowish. It can be fixed with regular cleaning and using a mild cleaner.

Restore The Original Look Of Your White Tile With Professional Tile Grout Cleaning Services!

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